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Evaluation Standards and Checklists

AEA's Guiding Principles for Evaluators

AEA: American Evaluation Association

Canadian Evaluation Society: Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education

Evaluation Checklists Project, Evaluation Center at WMU

Expert Review Checklist for Interactive Multimedia

Guiding Principles for Program Evaluation in Ontario Health Units

Guiding Principles, Italian Evaluation Society

Educational Evaluation, Joint Committee Standards on Evaluation

Personnel Evaluation Standards, Joint Committee Standards on Evaluation

Program Evaluation Standards, Joint Committee Standards on Evaluation

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing

Standards for Evaluation, German Evaluation Society

Student Evaluation Standards, Joint Committee Standards on Evaluation


On-Line How-To Documents

Definitions and Glossaries Cost/ Benefit Analysis
Participants' Rights and Confidentiality Logic Models
General How-To's Action Research
Meta-Evaluation Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation
Collecting Data Through Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews, Focus Groups, Case Studies, and Assessment Performance, Outcome, and Results-Based Measurement/Monitoring in Evaluation
Quantitative/Qualitative Research Methods Technology Evaluation
Data Analysis and Statistics Institutionalizing Evaluation
Data Presentation and Reporting Sustainability
Definitions and Glossaries  

Defining Assessment: Glossary of Assessment Terms, Lake, Harmes, Guill, and Crist

Dressed Down Research Terms: A Glossary for Non-Researchers, Rittenhouse, Campbell, and Daltro

Evaluation Thesaurus, US GAO

Glossary of Evaluation Terms: Evaluation Center at Western Michigan

Glossary of Teacher Evaluation: Evaluation Center at Western Michigan

What is Evaluation? Evaluation Center at Western Michigan

Participants' Rights and Confidentiality  

Confidentiality and the Appropriate Uses of Data, Ziglin

Human Participants Protection: Education for Research Teams, National Institutes of Health

On-Line Resources for People Considering Participation in Research Projects, University of Mich. Medical School IRB

General Evaluation How-To's  

62 (Good) Reasons for Avoiding Evaluation in the United Nations System

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation, Carter McNamara

Beyond Data: Understanding Needs Assessment and Evaluation, North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension

Community Based Project Evaluation Guide

Contracting for Evaluations by Stufflebeam

Cultural Context of Educational Evaluation: The Role of Minority Evaluation Professionals, NSF

Decision Support 2000+, Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program

Decision Support System, CSAP SAMHSA

Designing Evaluations, US GAO

Evaluating Comprehensive Community Change

Evaluating Health Promotion Programs by Health Communication Unit, Center for Health Promotion, University of Toronto

Evaluating the Impact of Development Projects on Poverty


Evaluation in a Complex Adaptive System, Eoyang and Berkas

Evaluation Cookbook

Evaluation Design Matrix, North Central Regional Educational Laboratory

Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions, Dept. of Education Planning and Evaluation Service

Evaluation Guidebook, Urban Institute

Evaluation Handbook, Evaluation Assistance Center, New Mexico Highlands University

Evaluation in Health Promotion: Principles and Perspectives (World Health Organization)

Evaluation that Goes Beyond the Data, DeBord and Borden, The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues, NC State University

Evaluation of Parenting Education Programs: A Parenting Evaluation Decision Framework, National Network for Family Resiliency

Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs, ATSDR

Evaluation Primer: An Overview of Education Evaluation, U.S. Dept. of Education

Evaluation Toolkit, Project STAR

Framework for Program Evaluation, CDC Evaluation Working Group

Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health

Getting Smart, Getting Real: Using Research and Evaluation Information

Guidelines for Legislative Language for Program Evaluation

Interactive Program Evaluation, National Network for Family Resiliency

Know Your Audience: A Practical Guide to Media Research

Knowledge Utilization and Public Policy Processes: A Literature Review, Stephanie Neilson, IRDC

MEASURE Evaluation: Bibliography of References

Online Evaluation Workbook

Planning a Program Evaluation, University of Wisconsin Extension

Post-then-Pre Evaluation, Rockwell and Kohn

Precede/Proceed Model for Development & Evaluation of Health Education Programs

Program Development Handbook, University of Florida-Extension

Program Evaluation: Background and Methods, Fermilab Education Office

Program Evaluation Primer, Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania

Program Manager's Guide to Evaluation

Project Star Evaluation Toolkit

Taking Stock: A Practical Guide to Evaluating Your Own Programs, Horizon Research

Understanding Evaluation: The Way to Better Prevention Programs

User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations, National Science Foundation, 1997

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation 1997, National Science Foundation

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation 2002, National Science Foundation

User-Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation: Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education

What Works? Integrating Multiple Data Sources and Policy Research Methods in Assessing Need and Evaluating Outcomes in Community-Based Child and Family Service Systems, Melamid

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook


Meta-Evaluation, Daniel Stufflebeam

Meta-Evaluation Bibliography, Patricia Rogers, Resource Papers in Action Research

Collecting Data Through Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviews, Focus Groups, Case Studies, and Assessment  

AEA's List for Surveys

Adapting Evaluation Measures for Hard to Reach Audiences, CYFERNet

Alternative Methods for Collecting Evaluation Data

American Statistical Association: Brochures about Survey Research

Association for Survey Computing

Basics of Developing Questionnaires, Carter McNamara

Brief Guide to Questionnaire Development, Robert Frary

Case Study Evaluations, US GAO

Collecting Evaluation Data: End of Session Questionnaires, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Community Level Indicators for Understanding Health and Human Services Issues, US DHHS

Conducting Focus Groups by Health Communication Unit, Center for Health Promotion, University of Toronto

Conducting Research Surveys via Email and the Web

Consequences of Assessment: EPAA Vol. 6 No. 13 Mehrens

Convergent Interviewing: A Technique for Qualitative Data Collection

Data Collection Methods, InnoNet

Data Collection Methods for Impact Evaluation, World Bank Group

Email Survey Response Rates: A Review, Sheehan

Essentials of Survey Research and Analysis: A Workbook for Community Researchers, Ronald J. Polland

FAQ on Psychological Tests (American Psychological Association)

Measuring and Reporting Sources of Error in Surveys

Oral History Techniques and Procedures, Stephen Everett, Center of Military History, US Army

Questionnaire Design: Asking Questions with a Purpose, Ellen Taylor-Powell, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Respondent Incentives in Surveys

Survey Design, The Survey System

Survey Non-Response International Conference 1999

Survey Research Center's Links

Using Stuctured Interview Technicques, US GAO

Web Survey Methodolgy: Related Publications

Quantitative/Qualitative Research Methods  

AEA's List for Qualitative Analysis

60 Methodological Potholes, Ohio State University, School of Music

Introduction to Qualitative Research

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Guides

Phenomonology Crossroads

Publishing Educational Research: Guidelines and Tips, Uchiyama and Kozik-Rosabal, AERA.NET

Qualitative Methods Workbook, C. George Boeree

Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction, US GAO

Research Ethics and Methods, AmoebaWeb

Research Methods Guides, Susan Carol Losh

Research Methods Knowledge Base, William Trochim

Research Process, Marion Joppe

What is Scientifically-Based Research? Seminar, US Department of Education

WWW Research Methods Tutorial

Data Analysis and Statistics  

Data Cleaning and Replacement of Missing Values, McDermeit, Funk, and Dennis

Distributions Used in Statistical Work, Dennis Roberts

Educational Standards and the Problem of Error: EPAA Vol. 6 No. 10 Wilson

Electronic Statistics Textbooks, StatSoft

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology: Methodology Reports

Handbook on Differential Item Functioning, Zumbo

HyperStat Statistics Textbook and Online Tutorial

Journal of Statistical Software

Multiple Imputation Tutorial

On-line Statistical Software & Texts

Rand Statistics Group

Raynald's SPSS Tools

Research Methods and Statistics Links

Resources to Help You Learn and Use SAS

Resources to Help You Learn and Use SPSS

RM Web: Statistics and Software Links

Statistical Computing Resources

Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals: Guidelines and Explanations

Statistics Software Reviews

Units of Analysis, Gerrard Dallal

Data Presentation and Reporting  

Data Presentation: A Guide to Good Graphics

Data Presentation: A Guide to Good Tables

Evaluation Synthesis, US GAO

Graphical Presentation of Data

Program Evaluation: Strategies for Assessing How Information Dissemination Contributes to Agency Goals, US GAO

Resources for Presenting Data Graphically, Emil Posavac

Statistical Good Practice Guidelines: Informative Presentation of Tables, Graphs, and Statistics

Cost Benefit Analysis  

Analysis of Costs and Benefits: Guidance for Evaluators, Crime Prevention Program

Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis and Regulartory Reform: An Assessment of the Science and the Art, Kopp, Krupnick, and Toman

Logic Models  
See also General Evaluation How-To's  

Electronic Roadmap for Evaluation: Program Logic Models, Bureau of Justice Assistance

Everything You Wanted to Know about Logic Models but Were Afraid to Ask, Schmitz and Parsons

Learning from Logic Models in Out of School Time, Harvard Family Research Project

Logic Model: A Program Performance Framework, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Program Logic Model, University of Ottawa, Medicine

Action Research, Cooperative Inquiry  

Action Research: Comparison with the concepts of ‘The Reflective Practitioner’ and ‘Quality Assurance’. Hatten, Knapp, and Salonga

Handbook of Action Research: Participative Inquiry and Practice, Reason and Bradbury

Layperson's Guide to Cooperative Inquiry, Reason and Heron

Locating the Energy for Change: An Introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

Learning and Change Through Action Research, Reason

Practice of Cooperative Inquiry in Systematic Practice and Action Research

Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation  

Current Evaluation Practice in the Nonprofit Sector: Participatory Evaluation Practice is Becoming More Common

Empowerment Evaluation: Using Evaluation to Guide Policy and Practice, CYFERNet

Introduction to Social Network Analysis

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Community-Driven Projects. Françoise Coupa

Participatory Project Design: Its Implications for Evaluation. A Case Study from El Salvador. Françoise Coupal

Who are the Question Makers? A Participatory Evaluation Handbook, UNDP

Performance, Outcome, and Results-Based Measurement/Monitoring in Evaluation  

Enhancing Organizational Performance: A Toolbox for Self-assessment, Lusthaus, Adrien, Anderson, and Carden at IDRC

Guide for Monitoring and Evaluation, UNICEF

Guide for Project Monitoring and Evaluation, International Fund for Agricultural Development

Handbook on Monitoring and Evaluating for Results

Implementing Performance-Based Government, Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee

Managing for Results: Monitoring and Evaluation in UNDP

Measuring the Difference: Guide to Planning and Evaluating Health Information Outreach

Measuring Outcomes: How State-of-the-Art Evaluation Practices Can Help Nonprofits

Outcome Mapping, International Development Research Centre

Outcome Measurement in Nonprofit Organizations: Current Practices and Recommendations, Morley, Vinson, and Hatry

Performance Measurement: Problems and Solutions, David Eddy

Planning & Conducting Performance-based Evaluations, Wholey & McLaughlin

Planning and Monitoring Evaluation of Programme Performance, International Development Research Centre

Practical Guide on Monitoring and Evaluation of Rural Development Projects

Results Based Accountability, Diane Schilder, Harvard Family Research Project

Results Based Management: Concepts and Methodology

Results Oriented Monitoring and Evaluation, Office of Evaluation and Strategic Planning, United Nations Development Programme

Returning Results: Planning and Evaluation at the Pew Charitable Trusts

Toolkit for Integrating Process and Outcome Evaluations

What Outcomes Assessment Misses, Steve Ehrmann

What Will Be, Will Be: The Challenge of Applying Results Based Thinking to Policy, Mark Schacter

Technology Evaluation  

An Educator's Guide to Evaluating Technology in the Schools

Educator's Guide to Evaluating the Use of Technology in Schools and Classrooms

Handbook for Learning Centered Evaluation of Computer-Facilitated Learning Projects in Higher Ed

Information Technology Investment Evaluation Guide, US GAO

Institutionalizing Evaluation  

Advocacy and Professional Development in Evaluation: Canadian Evaluation Society

Creating a Culture of Inquiry: Changing Methods--and Minds--on the Use of Evaluation in Nonprofit Organizations

Strategies for Institutionalizing Evalutation, Daniel Stufflebeam


Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, Rosalyn McKeown

End Games: The Challenge of Sustainability, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Measuring Community Success and Sustainability , Iowa State University

Reflections on Sustainability. The California Wellness Foundation



Sites with Multiple On-Line Publications

See Foundations

See Non-Profit Organizations

See International Organizations

See U.S. Government Agencies

See University-Affiliated Centers


AEA's List of On-line Texts



Action Research Resources

American Institutes for Research

Appreciative Inquiry Commons

ARIAssociates: Action Evaluation and Case Study Papers

Aspen Institute Rountable on Comprehensive Community Initiatives

Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Evaluation Website

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

CDC Evaluation Group: Logic Model Resources model

CDC Evaluation Group: Evaluation Resources

Center for Substance Abuse:Decision Support System

Children, Youth, and Families Education and Research Network: Evaluation

Community Toolbox: Community Building Tools

Department of Education: Education Program Evaluation

Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University: Evaluation Checklists Project

Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University: Occasional Paper Series

Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University: Publications

Evaluation Center at HSRI: Toolkit and Materials Publications Program

Evaluation Exchange, Harvard Family Research Center

Evaluation for Learning: Greater Kalamazoo Evaluation Project Newsletters

Evaluation Resources, Bob Williams

Evaluation Toolkit Series, Human Resources Development, Canada

Finance Project: Result-Based Resources

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute: Results and Performance Accountability

Free Management Library: Evaluation Activities in Organizations

Free Management Library: Evaluations and Research Methods

General Accounting Office (US GAO): Policies

General Social Survey: Methodological Reports

Grantmakers Evaluation Network Recent Publications on Evaluation

Harvard Family Research Project Publications

Health Communication Unit, Center for Health Promotion, University of Toronto

HIV InSite: Evaluating HIV Prevention Programs

Horizon Research: Publications

How to Deliver Negative Evaluation Results Constructively, Susan Lilley

Human Services Research Institute (HSRI)

InnoNet: Evaluation Resources

International Development Research Centre: Publications

International Institute for Sustainable Development: Publications

Jane Davidson's Publications

M and D Research and Evaluation: Technical Assistance

Manpower Domonstration Research Corp.

MEASURE Evaluation: Manuals and Handbooks

National Center for Education Statistics

National Council for Open and Distance Education (NCODE)

National Evaluation Data Services (NEDS): Integrated Evaluation Methods

New York State Teacher Resource Centers: Program Evaluation

Ohio Mental Health Consumer Outcomes Initiative

OERL: Online Evaluation Resource Library, SRI

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, ELDIS

Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Resources, IUCN World Conservation Union

Program Evaluation, Penn State Cooperative Extension

ProgramEvaluation.ORG: New York State Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers

Qualitative Research Web Sites

Qualpage: Resources for Qualitative Research

Rand's Publication Database

Region III Comprehensive Center, George Washington Univ.

Research Methods and Statistics Links

Research Methods Resources on the Web, Mary Sue Stephenson

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Sociometrics' Evaluation WWW Links

Statistics on the Web: Links to Online Resources

Survey Research Center's Links

Sustainable Measures

Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) Group: Flashlight Toolkits and Study Packages

Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) Group: Resources

The Measurement Group Evaluation & Dissemination Center

UNICEF Research and Evaluation

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Publications

United Nations Development Programme: Publications

United Nations Environment Programs: Economics and Trade Programme: Publications Archive

United Way of America: Outcome Measurement Resource Network

University of Wisconsin-Extension: Program Development and Evaluation

U.S. GAO, Special Publications: Evaluation and Research Methodology

Web Survey Methodolgy: Related Publications

Westinghouse Knowledge Transfer Center

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Evaluation

Yahoo! World Wide Web Evaluation


On-Line Evaluation Tools

CSAP's Decision Support System, SAMHSA

Decision Support System, Center for Substance Abuse

Evaluation Checklists Project, Evaluation Center at WMU

Evaluation Toolkit, Project STAR

Expert Review Checklist for Interactive Multimedia

Flashlight Program for the Study and Improvement of Educational Uses of Technology

Four-Fold Youth Development Model: A model for the design and evaluation of youth development curriculum and programs

InnoNet Workstation: Online Evaluation and Planning Tools

Interactive Program Evaluation, National Network for Family Resiliency

Monitoring and Evaluation: Online Handbook

Multimedia Development Tools: Analysis, Design, Production, & Evaluation

National Council for Open and Distance Learning
Program Evaluation Tool Kit

Online Evaluation Workbook

Program Development and Evaluation Training Module, CYFERNet

A Program Evaluation Toolkit for Public Health Management, University of Ottawa, Medicine

The TLT Group: Flashlight Toolkit/Workbooks

Voluntary Sector Public Policy Toolbox



Evaluation Reports

ACF Child Outcomes Research and Evaluation, OPRE

Annie E. Casey Foundation Publications

Census Bureau Survey of Income and Program Participation

CRESST (National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, & Student Testing)

David and Lucile Packard Foundation: The Future of Our Children

Department of Education Planning and Evaluation Service Evaluation Publications and Reports

Department of Education: Education Program Evaluation

Education Commission of the States

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Experience of Care and Health Outcomes Survey

General Social Survey Data and Information Retrieval System

General Social Survey Resources, Queens College

Harvard Family Research Project

Harvard Family Research Project's Out of School Time Database

Human Services Research Institute (HSRI)

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Mathematica Policy Research

National Center on Educational Outcomes, University of Minnesota

National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

National Opinion Research Center (NORC), University of Chicago

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Watch: Promoting Government Accountability

Online Evaluation Resource Library (OERL), SRI

Pew Charitable Trusts


Research Forum on Children, Families, and the New Federalism

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Search Institute

Sociometrics Evaluation Resources

Urban Institute

W.K.Kellogg Foundation

Worldbank's Economic Development Institute Evaluation Unit



Journals and Newsletters

Electronic Journal Miner: Search for E-Journals

Journals with Free Archives on the Web

AEA's American Journal of Evaluation

AEA's New Directions for Evaluation

Academic Exchange Quarterly

Action Research International

American Statistical Assocation: List of Journals

Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation

Connections, Internation Network of Social Network Analysis

Education Policy Analysis Archives

Education Review: A Journal of Book Reviews

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Evaluation and the Health Professions

Evaluation and Program Planning

Evaluation Exchange at the Harvard Family Research Project

Evaluation for Learning, Evaluation Center at Western Mich. Univ.

Evaluation: International Journal for Theory, Research, and Practice

Evaluation Review: Journal of Applied Social Research

F-LIGHT: Evaluation of the Educational Uses of Technology Newsletter

Foundation Center RFP Bulletin

Institute for Objective Measurement Newsletter

Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice

Journal of Extension

Journal of Statistical Software

Monitoring and Evaluation (MandE) News

Performance Resources: Measuring Up

Practical Assessment, Research, and Evaluation: A Peer-Reviewed Electronic Journal

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Qualitative Report: Online Journal Dedicated to Qualitative Research

Qualitative Report: Qualitative Research Web Sites

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Studies in Educational Evaluation

Survey Research Center's Links


Publishers and Distributors

American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Cambridge University Press

Corwin Press, A Sage Publications Company

Council on Quality and Leadership on Supports for People with Disabilities

ERIC/AE Bookstore

Harvard University Press

Jossey-Bass, Inc.

Kluwer Academic Publishers On-line

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

National Academy Press


Random Online

Sage Publications


ERIC Resources


Center for Equity and Excellence in Education Test Database

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education

ERIC Assessment and Evaluation Resources

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation

ERIC Digests

ERIC Document Reproduction Service

ERIC Educational Resources Info Center

ERIC Full-Text Internet Library

ERIC/AE Bookstore

ERIC/AE Clearinghouse on Assessment & Evaluation

ERIC/AE Full Text Internet Library

ERIC/AE Test Locator

Search ERIC Home Page


Libraries and Document Repositories

Argus Clearinghouse

California Digital Library

Campbell Collaboration Library

Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval

CiteSeer: Scientific Literature Digital Library, NEC Research Institute


Education-line : Electronic Texts in Education & Training

ERIC Document Reproduction Service

Federal Register at the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)

Free Management Library

Full-text state statutes and legislation

Government Printing Office (GPO)

Government Printing Office (GPO) Access Databases

INFOLINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

Internet Public Library

Internet Public Library Online Texts Collection

Library of Congress

Library of Congress Catalogs

National Library of Medicine

OERL: Online Evaluation Resource Library, SRI

UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations

UMI's On-line Dissertation Services

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Evaluation

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