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Communities of Evaluators
     Evaluation and Research Associations
     On-line Discussion Groups (Listservs)
     Topical Interest Groups
     Directories of Evaluators and Researchers

Education and Training in Evaluation
     College and University Programs
     University-Affiliated Research/Evaluation Centers

     Workshops and Short Courses

Governments, Agencies, Foundations, Organizations
     International Governments
     Tools to Locate Agencies in the U.S.
     U.S. Government Agencies
     State Agencies
     Other Non-Profit Organizations
     International Organizations

Companies and Consultants
     Evaluation Companies
     Evaluation Consultants

Evaluation Texts and Documents
     Evaluation Standards and Checklists
     On-Line How-To Documents
     Sites with Multiple On-Line Publications
     On-Line Evaluation Tools
     Evaluation Reports
     Journals and Newsletters
     Publishers and Distributors
     ERIC Resources
     Libraries and Document Repositories

Instruments, Data, Surveys, Statistics, and Software
     Data Sources and Statistics
     Surveys, Data Analysis, and Statistics Software

Funding and Employment
     Funding Sources

Other Sites with Lists of Web Links

Most Used or Favorite Sites


Thanks to the many EVALTALKERs who suggested links to websites.


Other Sites with Lists of Web Links

Dennis Roberts' Links (Test Construction, Statistics)

ERIC's Assessment and Evaluation Resources

Internet Quick Reference

Pointers to Educational Evaluation

Qualitative Research Web Sites

Qualpage: Resources for Qualitative Research

Research Methods and Statistics Links

Research Methods Resources on the Web, Mary Sue Stephenson

Sociometrics' Evaluation WWW Links

Statistics on the Web: Links to Online Resources

Survey Research Center's Links

U.S. Department of Education Cross-Site Indexing

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Evaluation


Most Used or Favorite Sites

!!AEA!! American Evaluation Association

CDC Evaluation Working Group

ERIC's Assessment & Evaluation Resources


Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University

Evaluation Checklists Project, Evaluation Center at WMU

Evaluation Exchange, Harvard

Internet Quick Reference

On-line Statistical Software & Texts

Qualitative Report: Qualitative Research Web Sites

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Russian International Project Evaluation Network--Copy of Electronic Resources for Evaluators!

Statistics on the Web: Links to Online Resources

Survey Research Center's Links

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences

Trochim's Center for Social Research Methods


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